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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1960 Plymouth Fury convertible

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Unrestored Golden Commando-powered 1960 Plymouth Fury convertible for sale on From the seller’s description:

This beautiful vehicle is a very rare 1960 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando convertible. Exactly how rare is yet to be proven, but in researching all the information I could find, it seems Plymouth records have a hard time deciphering between Fury’s, Fury Golden Commando’s and the Golden Commando Convertibles. An accounting of all the various options that were available is even harder to find. The most interesting fact is that Holley only made 50 of the carburetors found on this car . . . . period ! This was made for the 383 cubic inch Golden Commando’s with factory air conditioning. This tall-finned beauty has options such as driver and passanger “turn-out” seats ( like the later Monte Carlo’s had ) and factory air conditioning, factory installed black carpet with gold sparkles, power steering, power brakes, polished stainless steel fender skirts and that famous space-craft looking steering wheel with the sparkles in it ! The only missing option that I’m aware of is the under-dash 45RPM record player. . . .and you probably don’t have any 45’s laying around to play on it anyway ! This car is unrestored and though it carries a few “beauty marks” on it, it is in exceptionally good condition inside-out and underneath. Everything on the car appears original.

1960PlymouthFury_02_1000 1960PlymouthFury_03_1000 1960PlymouthFury_04_1000 1960PlymouthFury_05_1000

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TAVARES, Florida
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