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Four-Links – Media Burn, Kamloops muddin’, 1.3 MPG road trip, Grand Prix 50th

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The Ant Farm, the same art collective that installed the Cadillac Ranch, involved another Cadillac in their 1975 performance art piece, “Media Burn,” captured in the above photo by John Turner. Turner spoke recently with Atlas Obscura about the moment, the photo, and the meaning of it all.


* From the photos that Off-Road Action recently posted of the Sagebrush Four Wheelers 4×4 Club’s 1969 off-road rally in Kamloops, British Columbia, it seems like a muddy good time.


* The road trip that Nathan Mueller recently took must have seemed like a fever dream: The least unusual vehicle employed on the trip was a Duramax-powered Camaro, which spent much of the trip atop a MK48/MK15 combo, which itself was towed by another MK48/MK15.


* The Telegraph late last month took a look at the James Garner film “Grand Prix,” which turned 50 years old last year.

* Finally, as we see from the above video, at least some vehicles from the Lambrecht auction have started to emerge from restoration, including the featured 1972 Chevrolet pickup.