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Germany’s Baby ‘Vette: 1970 Opel GT brochure

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Images are from the brochure collection of Hemmings Motor News, courtesy of Bruce Zahor

There was an outlier on the shelf, among the brochures for Skylarks/Gran Sports, LeSabres, Wildcats, Electras, and Rivieras, just as there was an outlier sitting on the showroom floor, among vehicles nearly twice its size and double its weight. In 1970, it was General Motor’s Buick division that marketed and sold the Opel GT in America, and they did so with this stylish 12-page flyer.

The GT was introduced here in 1969, and this sleek (.36 Cd) two-seat sports car continued into the next model year with few alterations. The body was still finished in France at Brissonneau et Lotz (which had also built the Renault Floride/Caravelle), with mechanical final assembly handled in Rüsselsheim involving the installation of either a 67 hp, 1.1-liter ( or 102 hp, 1.9-liter ( OHV four-cylinder engines, along with a four-speed manual or three-speed automatic transmission. The “big block” Opel could do 0-60 in 10 seconds, and 110 MPH, flat out. Nimble handling was aided by its front-mid engine layout, visible below.



Buick salesmen helped move roughly 70,000 of the circa-100,000 Opel GTs built through 1973, here in the U.S., so they’re still not a rare sight, and they remain one of the most stylish GM sports cars ever built. Have you ever driven one?

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