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Hemmings Nation Flickr pool hits 100,000 photos – here’s some of our recent favorites

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Photo by Scott Crawford.

Almost a decade ago, we started up the Hemmings Nation pool on Flickr for our readers to share their favorite car photos, and sometime in recent weeks we had our 100,000th image submitted to the pool. To commemorate that milestone, we thought we’d select our favorite submissions, but then realized how long it would take to go through more than 100,000 photos, so we decided to select our favorite submissions from the last few days. They’re still pretty awesome.

Above we see Scott Crawford’s photo of his 1968 Dodge Charger R/T at Utah’s Pink Sand Dunes State Park. We definitely prefer this original image to his “supermoon” version, also uploaded to the Hemmings Nation Flickr pool, though both are pretty visually stimulating.


If you follow our Tumblr page, you’ll see us repost Gust/GmanViz’s photos pretty often, largely because the composition is spot on and the subject matter intriguing. The one above shows a pair of NHRA World Series contestant stickers on a Ford Starliner.


Speaking of Fords, longtime Hemmings Nation Flickr pool contributor coconv shared this bit of Ford literature showing the entire passenger vehicle lineup for 1963.


More literature from John Lloyd, who shared this French brochure for the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. John, as some of you may know, has a knack for finding some of the most delightfully obscure auto literature.


If you’ve hung around this blog for long enough, you can’t not know of Greg Gjerdingen, aka CrownCoupe64, who is also the second-most prolific contributor to the Hemmings Nation Flickr pool (9,505 photos at last count – or almost a tenth of the total count). Pretty much all of his photos depict the old car culture in and around Minnesota, and one of his more recent photos – of a 1976 Jimmy equipped with the Casa Grande package – really caught our eye.


Finally, for now, a shot of Dwight Eisenhower’s 1950 Lincoln presidential limousine, part of Steve Brown/sjb4photos’s recent tour of The Henry Ford, much of which he chronicled and shared with us.

And that’s just a pretty good sampling of what you’ll find in the rest of the Hemmings Nation Flickr pool, where there’s plenty of room for more photos from you car guys on Flickr.