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Four-Links – Night Cars, Glenn Curtiss’s land-speed record, Plymouth’s XX-500, Trekka 50th

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In the mid-Seventies, photographer Langdon Clay roamed the streets of New York City snapping photos of the cars parked along the city’s streets. More recently, he’s published a book featuring the best of those photos.


* As Mike Hanlon at New Atlas wrote recently, the earliest land-speed records were held by trains and it wasn’t until 1907 that an internal combustion vehicle took the record – specifically the aircraft V-8 that Glenn Curtiss installed in his motorcycle to speed to 136 MPH.


* Chrysler’s first collaboration with coachbuilder Ghia was a rather inauspicious start to a partnership that produced some of the sexiest concept cars of the Fifties. Mac’s Motor City Garage delves into the history of the Plymouth XX-500.


* Czech carbuilder Skoda this week made some hay out of its first SUV, the Trekka, introduced 50 years ago in New Zealand. Rowan at Ran When Parked has more on the early off-roader.


* Finally, the story behind Richard and Mildred Loving’s relationship – the subject of a new film out in theaters – is closely tied to Richard Loving’s involvement in drag racing in the south in the Sixties. John Edwin Mason shone a light on that aspect of their story a few years back.