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Beyond El Malecon, part 3: a car show in Cuba

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All photos by Gordon Rinschler.

Over the last couple of years, the AACA has organized at least a couple “Taillight Diplomacy” trips to Cuba with pretty much the same aim as the posts we’ve been assembling that show Cuba’s current automotive landscape: To document the cars as they have evolved over the last 50-plus years in the absence of restoration and maintenance parts from the United States. Reader Gordon Rinschler took part in one of those trips earlier this year and brought back this set of photos.

“One of the highlights was judging a local car show!” Gordon wrote. “The car show (Amigos de Fangio) was a regular affair in downtown Havana, across from the iconic Hotel Nacional. It honors Juan Fangio. There were cars, motorcycles, and Whizzers.”


cuba-assorted_30561393585_o dsc_0002_29904968613_o dsc_0003_29904970003_o dsc_0011_29904978653_o cuba_01 cuba_02 cuba_03 dsc_0137_30553764972_o dsc_0118_30039187004_o dsc_0119_30582545021_o

Along with the car show, Gordon and his fellow travelers, of course, took in the other cars on the street and in daily use.


dsc_0041_29907426074_o dsc_0043_30537891615_o dsc_0069_30240311810_o dsc_0095_30537933255_o dsc_0113_30501902216_o dsc_0114_30501902776_o dsc_0135_30239793870_o dsc_0131_30633863376_o dsc_0138_29907503804_o dsc_0141_30239797850_o dsc_0140_30582520291_o dsc_0302_30502002666_o


dsc_0306_30502004456_o dsc_0408_30502051646_o dsc_0416_30502054946_o dsc_0448_30451081431_o dsc_0451_29905268453_o dsc_0453_29905270053_o dsc_0466_30502069226_o dsc_0467_29905280003_o dsc_0469_29905281513_o dsc_0532_30451131481_o


dsc_0535_30502137936_o dsc_0540_30502143286_o dsc_0555_29907778584_o dsc_0562_30240056040_o dsc_0564_30240057580_o dsc_0565_30240058300_o dsc_0566_30240059020_o dsc_0582_30421781922_o dsc_0595_30240077670_o dsc_0599_30421800892_o


dsc_0607_30451168881_o dsc_0610_30421810152_o dsc_0614_30421814312_o dsc_0617_30502209906_o dsc_0620_29905334323_o dsc_0622_30421823312_o dsc_0633_30421835772_o dsc_0665_30502247816_o dsc_0602_30538272125_o dsc_0603_30451167471_o dsc_0605_30451168391_o


dsc_0122_30582541271_o dsc_0115_30582551531_o dsc_0054_30039235914_o dsc_0063_30582596111_o dsc_0065_30039229724_o dsc_0067_30039228044_o dsc_0068_30582588911_o dsc_0069_30039226124_o


dsc_0076_30553779882_o dsc_0077_30370881250_o dsc_0078_30370880200_o dsc_0084_30039148544_o dsc_0085_30370875430_o dsc_0086_30370874700_o dsc_0091_30370872580_o dsc_0092_30633905636_o dsc_0094_30633903846_o dsc_0095_30370869440_o dsc_0097_30370867970_o dsc_0100_30633900176_o dsc_0101_30370866190_o dsc_0105_30501897616_o dsc_0108_30370798820_o dsc_0109_30633892696_o dsc_0114_30633887456_o

As always, if you’d like to contribute your photos of and experiences with Cuba’s classic cars to help document these cars at a crucial junction in their histories, let us know.