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For the Sheer Exhilaration of Driving: 1987 Porsche full-line brochure

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Images are from the brochure collection of Hemmings Motor News, courtesy of Gregory S. Hahn

Porsche’s American lineup looked largely the same for 1987 as it did in previous years, since the all-new, groundbreaking 959 supercar was not certified for road use in the U.S. Still, that familiarity wasn’t a bad thing, since the 1987 Porsches represented a sweet spot in the marque’s history. While the original 924 was last seen here in 1982 -while it continued in production through 1985, it was replaced here with an entry-level 944- 1987 marked our second coming of the 924 in America, in the form of the 944-engined 924S. Of course, the 944 was still available, and in three trims: base (147 hp, 131 MPH) , S (188 hp, 142 MPH) and Turbo (217 hp, 152 MPH).


The “Classic” Porsche remained the evergreen, air-cooled 3.2-liter 911 Carrera, which made 214 hp and was available in coupe, Targa and Cabriolet forms. The 282 hp 911 Turbo also could be had in any of those three body styles. And in typical Porsche form, buyers could choose to blend the naturally aspirated engine with the Turbo suspension and bodywork.


And the flagship of the Stuttgart sports car firm’s line remained the timeless 928, now badged S4 to honor its 316 hp, 5.0-liter ( quad-cam V-8 engine, which was up 28 hp. This car sported sleeker front and rear bumper treatments that reduced wind resistance and helped it achieve 162/165 MPH top speed (automatic/manual).


Porsche’s U.S. lineup stretched from $19,990 (924S) to $76,500 (911 Turbo Cabriolet) in 1987, the rough equivalent of $42,345 to $162,785 in today’s money. Perhaps the only models that have retained values consistent with their impressive sticker prices almost 30 years later are the artificially-aspirated 911s, but we’d wager that they’re all exciting to drive.

Potential customers could have picked up a few different types of brochures in 1987, including this generously sized full-line booklet and single-page folding individual model pamphlets. This writer has long craved the triple-black Carrera Cabrio as seen in the 911 pamphlet… or an identically-spec’d narrow-body 911 Coupe or Targa on Fuchs, sans whaletail- I’m not picky! Which 1987 Porsche lights your fire?

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