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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – how crash safety has improved, odd hot laps at Zandvoort, Born to Run

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Ever wonder how vehicle safety has improved over the past quarter-century, or why today’s compacts are heavier and less fuel efficient than earlier versions of the same car? To demonstrate this, the IIHS recently crash tested a Mexican-market 2015 Nissan Tsuru (essentially, a third-generation 1990 Nissan Sentra) against a 2016 Nissan Versa.  The results are predictably horrifying, and prompted Nissan to end Tsuru production in Mexico next May.

Motorsports come in many forms, though we’ll credit the Dutch for documenting a few uniquely wacky ones. Ever wonder how racing cars backward, over obstacles would work out? How about racing with travel trailers, through slaloms? This video, filmed at Zandvoort, is narrated in Dutch, though that hardly takes away from the viewing experience. A tip of the cap to Graham Lloyd for sending this our way.

Ah, the early 1990s, when ‘60s muscle cars were still relatively cheap and available. Born to Run, a made-for-TV-movie from 1993, tells the story of street racer Nicky Donatello (played by Richard Grieco), who ends up on the bad side of a local mob boss. Does he get the girl and save the day, or is the film just an excuse to show off drag racing muscle cars? Watch on to find out.