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Four-Links – boomerang Packard, Nota, Ford and Checker’s transit bus, Packard plant graffiti

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What’s the likelihood of running across your first car? If it’s something as durable and as distinctive as Steve Rall’s 1949 Packard, probably not that low. The Lincoln Journal-Star tells the story of Rall and his Packard and the journeys each took to their recent reunion.


* Over on the AACA forums, Spencer Yarrow recently showed off his new acquisition, a Sydney-built Nota racing car, somehow all intact, unrestored, and fully documented.


* Checker might be best known for cabs and maybe its civilian cars, but it also produced buses for a short time, thanks in part to Ford. The Checker Cab Club delved into the Checker bus history and came up with a good tale for fans of vintage people movers.


* Detroit officials have started to erase the city’s prevalent graffiti in earnest over the last few weeks, and the owners of the Packard plant have pitched in, as we see from these before-and-after photos posted this week.


* Finally, The Old Motor has a look at the front-wheel-drive Kaiser that almost was.