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Four-Links – 2JZs in everything, West Coast Crosley meet, Year of the Unilamp, the leaded gas problem

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While the Toyota 2JZ isn’t quite the ubiquitous engine swap as the SBC or the LS, the straight-six still manages to make its way in between the frame rails of a good diversity of cars, trucks, and other vehicles, as this recent roundup from Stance is Everything shows. Mustangs, rat rods, even a Lada…


* The big Crosley meet takes place in Ohio every year, but a smaller, equally as interesting meet also takes place on the West Coast. Tim Foster got to attend the latter and bring back plenty of pictures.


* Fifty years ago, it seems Detroit’s designers all wanted to try something new and collectively landed on the idea of the Unilamp, what James Kraus calls the full-width taillamp assembly seen on many American cars of that era.


* Lead in gas has proven to be bad for public health, but exactly how the metal got stripped out of our fuel supply is a topic Jil McIntosh recently tackled for


* Finally, Robert Tate at MotorCities looked back at the patrol and pursuit vehicle packages that Detroit offered in the Fifties and Sixties.