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Four-Links – hybrid Cordoba, world’s largest restorer, mid-century modern concept car art, RIP Cliff Vaughs

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We all know that work on electric cars and alternative-fuel vehicles really ramped up during the Seventies and early Eighties as a response to the gas crises, but one of the largest investments in hybrid cars during that time came from a rather unexpected source: Exxon, which in the course of its exploration of the technology developed the lithium-ion battery and may have been responsible for planting the seed with Toyota that eventually begat the Prius, as we learned from an InsideClimateNews article this week.


* The Telegraph this past week caught up with what may be the world’s largest restoration shop – Byrnes Motor Trust Restoration in the Philippines, where hundreds of cars are all undergoing active restoration at any one time.


* Digging Linda Tillman’s paintings of mid-century modern houses and other buildings paired with Fifties concept cars. (via)


* The Los Angeles Times this week reported on the memorial service for Clifford “Soney” Vaughs, the motorcycle builder and adventurer who only recently received acknowledgement for helping build the Captain America motorcycle from “Easy Rider.”


* has a quick article on what may be the world’s largest collection of Porsche tractors, a collection which likely won’t be long for this world with the owners’ plans to sell it off piece by piece.