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Four-Links – reusing model names, selling the Vanderbilt Cup, building a Bradley, canceling Champ Road

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One has to wonder how so many carmakers get away with appropriating reusing existing names in the automotive pantheon. By dint of their size and access to lawyers, probably. As we ponder that, the Historic Vehicle Association put together more pairings of names that took a second swing on the market.


* Despite my time in Verona earlier this year, I didn’t stop by the Museo Nicolis, which is unfortunate because I could have seen the actual George Vanderbilt Cup Trophy there, as I learned this past week at Vanderbilt Cup Races


* After years of talking about other VW-based fiberglass kit cars, Price of His Toys – now known as Fiberclassics – has taken on a vintage kit car project, a Bradley GT2. Twist: the goal is to build it for less than $2,500.


* We’ve known for some time that the bosozoku movement, if not the aesthetic, is on the wane in Japan – and that was borne out this week with news from JNC that Champ Road, the bosozoku magazine, will be suspending publication.


* Finally, we know you’ve all been wondering what to build with that Lego Mini Cooper kit other than a Mini Cooper. FlatSixes this week showed us that repurposing the kit to build a 911 convertible is doable.