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Four-Links – Curator on the Go, Acrobatic Auto, NYC to Boston in 12 Hours, Bloodhound goes Supersonic

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Miguel Llorente is the former curator of the Al Ain Classic Car Museum in the UAE, but he’s also the explorer that “discovered” the Cuban Gullwing. His dream is to open a new museum, the “Petersen of the East,” in the UAE, incorporating the best ideas and practices from museums across America. He’s created a Curator on the Go Kickstarter page to raise money for his cross-country odyssey to study 80 museums and collections.


Acrobatic Auto

Last week’s Sunday Cinema featured Jay Leno and Bob Riggle in the Hemi Under Glass, demonstrating what can happen when a wheelie goes sideways (literally). Sometimes, a rollover is intentional, as Mac’s Motor City Garage showed in this 1926 film from British Pathe. Note to self: never buy a car previously owned by Andre Mercier.


1909 Maxwell

NYC to Boston in 12 Hours

Today, the New York City to Boston run can be completed in under four-hours, as long as one isn’t traveling during rush hour. In 1909, the journey was filled with risk and took considerably longer. Here, The Old Motor tells the tale of a 1909 Endurance Run, won by C.W. Kelsey in a Maxwell.


Bloodhound SSC

It’s been a year or so since we’ve written about the Bloodhound SSC, a British effort to break the Land Speed Record, topping 1,000 MPH in the process. Last weekend, the Bloodhound SSC team announced an October 2017 date for the record attempt at Hakskeen Pan in South Africa. There’s much work left to do before a record attempt can happen, including the car’s final assembly (now ongoing, as sufficient funding has been raised) and low-speed testing (postponed from March 2016 to June of 2017). Delays have long been a part of Bloodhound’s history, but has the effort now reached the tipping point?