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Mileage Minder – Did these fifties-era fuel savers work?

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If ever there was an era of false advertising claims, the 1950s had to be it. It seemed as if you could have said – and claimed – anything about the thingamajig you made and market it as such. Not only wouldn’t you have been sued, but no one would have taken you to task. America was clearly a different place back then.

Leaf through any old magazine from this era and you are bound to find several ads for products designed to increase your car’s gas mileage. If they thought gas was high then, these folks would be shocked to the see the price of fuel today.

This particular accessory was called the “Mileage Minder,” and was a “patented Fuel Pressure Stabilizer and Purifier that will solve your car’s fuel waster problems.”

The ad copy went on to say: “NEW Model 300 Mileage Minder contains exclusive magnetic Trouble Trap which captures and holds all trouble-making iron oxides, rust flakes, weld chips. Cleans and purifies fuel.”  I love the “trouble-making” description; and what happened to the Model 200? Does anyone know?

And how about this copy: “Only Mileage Minder has patented diaphragm principle – smooths out damaging, wasteful fuel pump pulsations. Delivers smooth, steady flow of fuel, at proper pressures.”  Wow, I’m sold!