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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1962 Plymouth Fury

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The styling of this 1962 Plymouth Fury for sale on – like pretty much every other 1962 Fury – is so compelling, it’s easy to overlook the fact that it’s a four-door (a four-door hardtop, no less), that it’s a Canadian-market car with the Dodge interior, and that it’s had a few minor upgrades to the engine and chassis for daily drivability. From the seller’s description:

This 1962 Plymouth Fury pillarless 4-door hardtop is especially rare. Built for the Canadian Market, it features an original Canada-Correct Dodge dash and interior. A multiple trophy winner, the car has been restored cosmetically and mechanically, runs better than new, from its 318 polysphere “semi-hemi” V8 and pushbutton 727 Torqueflite automatic to its highway-geared 2.76:1 rear, and needs Absolutely Nothing. Here are the details:

• New floors and trunk floor. Both were redone in Canada by the car’s former owner, and done right. The underside is totally clean and as rock-solid as it gets. Absolutely zero rust or structural issues whatsoever.

• Recent paint. Shade is non-metallic Mercedes White and looks gorgeous. Car comes with a folder full of printed restoration shots that show proper welding on both rear quarters. No bubbles, no nothing. Looks great even close up! Engine compartment is detailed, and the trunk still has its original cardboard trunk protectors on both sides, along with a reproduction trunk mat, original jack, correct jacking instructions on the trunk lid, and even the original “Turnbull Motors of Edmonton” trunk badge to match the car’s Original Bill Of Sale.

• Bright-red original interior. Canadian Plymouths all got Dodge interiors–Dodge dash, seats, and door panels complete with Dodge symbols on the seats, door panels, and even the horn button, along with the familiar Dodge tristar in the center of the dash. (The original Canadian Owner’s Manual shows the Dodge dash and layout, as seen in an attached photos.) The interior on this ’62 Plymouth Fury is in remarkably nice, survivor condition, with just the right amount of patina. I replaced the headliner in matching, period-correct red vinyl (an extra roll comes with the car). It really pops against the white exterior!

• Low-mileage 4-Barrel Power Pack 318 “Semi-Hemi” Polysphere V8. These earlier, “big-block” 318s feature larger, canted valves at opposite ends of the chamber for better breathing–and look the part with their wider stance and rippled valve covers. According to the car’s former Canadian owner, this 318 Poly came right from a Chrysler Canada Headquarters display with ultra-low miles–about 22,000 now–and it acts like it. Doesn’t leak or burn any oil whatsoever, has gobs of torque and passing power, and, thanks to its cop-car, 2.76:1 rear, manages 14 to 16 mpg. Very few Power Pak 4-barrel 318 polyspheres were sold (1962 was the last year for the 318 Power Pak). Also features deep-tone Flowmaster dual exhausts that sound awesome! And with its Griffin aluminum radiator, it runs cool even on the hottest days.

• Rebuilt 727 Torquefilte pushbutton automatic. The transmission was rebuilt in Canada and feels it. Upshifts are nice and crisp, downshifts are immediate, and operation is turbine-smooth. I resealed and adjusted it, and replaced the internal and external filters.

• Other work I’ve done: This 1962 Plymouth Fury was also treated to a new Griffin aluminum radiator and water pump; new rear-axle shafts and seals; rebuilt steering box and pump; new Firm Feel front end with urethane bushings; new Hotchkiss antisway bars front/rear; new fuel pump; Goodrich 215 radials on Canadian Dodge Caravelle police-car wheels; new stainless gas tank; rebuilt American Chrysler distributor with Pertronix ignition (original iron-body Canadian distributor included); rechromed front/rear bumbers; new brakes with new Master Power Brake Dual Master Cylinder; new Schumaker urethane motor and transmission mounts; new vintage-style Sun Tach

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