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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – torture testing with Mini, Plymouth, Mr. Majestyk

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The theme for today’s Sunday Cinema: flat-out wheels-off-the-ground abuse-it-half-to-death take-a-lickin-and-keep-on-ticking torture testing. We’ll start with a short video that Lindsay Wilson recommended of a Mini hopping around some muddy track like a cross between a deranged rally driver and a hypercaffienated jackrabbit.

* In the Thirties, Chrysler tried the same tactic, though it handed off its 1936 Plymouth to a couple of fairground stunt drivers to dish out the abuse on ramps, railroad ties, and unplowed fields.

* Finally, on the recommendation of commenter Tony Funches, the car chase scene from the 1974 Bronson flick “Mr. Majestyk.” Ford was so pleased with the scene, it later reused some of the footage in one of its truck commercials.