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Four-Links – Duesy returns to Indy, Ford’s secret stash, Mazda’s non-secret stash, racing Tatra

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Most folks probably know David Greenless as the man behind The Old Motor, but he’s also an accomplished restorer and caretaker of pre-World War I thoroughbreds, including the 1915 Duesenberg race car that will participate in the 100th running of Indy celebrations later this month, and he’s promised us trackside updates from the event.


* Britain’s Telegraph recently got a behind-the-scenes look at Ford UK’s heritage center, which includes a collection that it not shown to the public and which has some rather nifty British Fords.


* Down Under, Mazda recently opened its new Australian headquarters with a prominent display of cars from its Australian Heritage Collection.


* Rear-engine Tatras have a reputation as Nazi-killers for their handling characteristics at speed, so one wouldn’t expect to see that they were raced, but that is indeed the case with a handful of 603s in the Sixties, as we see from this article from TatraWorld.


* Finally, Datsun Forum recently presented the story of how, were it not for a couple unintentional breeches of cultural protocol, Nissan products could have kept Studebaker in the automotive business in the mid- to late Sixties. (via)