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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1964 Plymouth Savoy

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So why be coy about the hot rodding potential of a car like this 1964 Plymouth Savoy for sale on It is a likely candidate for a Hemi or Max Wedge clone (as the seller points out), it’s no longer original, nobody controls the ultimate fate of it – whether as a drag car or as a driveable dream – but the person who ponies up the asking price, and it’s not like refusing to mention the possibility of a conversion will in any way decrease the likelihood of said conversion. All that said, it does appear to be a solid running and driving car with plenty of potential, however one may interpret that potential. From the seller’s description:

This car is just out of long term storage it is a nice uncut grandpa special 64 Savoy 2 door sedan Slant Six 3 speed on the column (already has the clutch pedal for a 4 speed conversion!) It has had a new gas tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, battery, cap, rotor, points & condenser, spark plugs, ignition wires and air filter just installed. The oil has been just changed as well. Which most of the people reading this ad could care less about, they are going to do the right thing with this car and build a A990 Race Hemi or Max Wedge clone. It runs and drives great, goes down the road real nice and tight. Even after you yank the Slant Six you should be able to sell the engine for a few bucks to put towards Hemi parts. This car is very solid for its age there are a few spots that need attention but nothing too bad. The floors are rock solid in the trunk as well as the interior. This car has good bones it is a great starting point for a hemi car. The rest of the body is the normal dings and dents and small rust spots and bubbles. Grandpa was nice enough to touch them up with the wrong color paint. The drivers side quarter did have a dent that looks like it was popped out from inside the trunk. It looks like it has had only one repaint in its life. The framerails are super solid from what I can see it looks real nice. The interior was redone years ago and they did a great job it has held up well. It has a newer rug recently added by the previous owner. I had plans to do a A990 Hemi clone but my plans have changed. You can leave this car as is and drive it as you build it or start the Nasty Hemi or Max Wedge build it deserves, its been a slant six car long enough!

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