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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1973 AMC Matador

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This 1973 AMC Matador for sale on, a four-door sedan ordered by the government to use as an MP car, probably couldn’t be more basic with its bench seat, column-shifted automatic, lack of extraneous trim and dirt-brown paint. In fact, one has to wonder how some extravagances like the right-side mirror and air conditioning made it onto this car. Fortunately, it’s been preserved just as it was ordered to see what those MPs had to work with in the Seventies. From the seller’s description:

U. S. Government Military Police car used in Omaha Nebraska. Has data plates under trunk lid and id# under trunk lid. Radio delete. Has factory air, automatic transmission power steering and brakes. All new original color paint, new front end bushings, window felts, 4 shocks, brakes, tires, etc… Car drives like new. 72,000 original miles. New windshield. Has been in car shows already. 304 V8. 2 barrel. Ordered by the government that way. Has front and rear sway bars. Drives at freeway speeds beautifully. Corners well. New dual exhausts.

1973AMCMatador_02_800 1973AMCMatador_03_800 1973AMCMatador_04_800 1973AMCMatador_05_800

Location Marker
Petaluma, California
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