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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1931 Chrysler Imperial CG Custom Eight limousine

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No question of provenance with this 1931 Chrysler Imperial CG Custom Eight limousine for sale on, a car that has remained in one family since new, that received some in-period modifications to make it legal to drive in Switzerland, that has only been refurbished over the years as needed, and that may be the only one of its kind remaining. From the seller’s description:

This Imperial is put on sale by the owner, grandson of the man who purchased it in 1931. It arrived in a large box via Antwerp at the railway station in our hometown and has been in our family’s hands ever since. It has therefore an uninterrupted history with us as firsthand owners.

This car has some custom features. As export version to Europe, the following special features were fitted ex factory which are not seen on other cars of this line:

odometer with km reading instead of miles
Stromberg carburetor with adjustable main jets instead of fixed jets
double action current limit relay
“Bosch” headlamps (Germany)

In Switzerland, a folding canvas roof which can be cranked all the way back was installed by the Swiss coachbuilder Gangloff. The dividing “Limousine” window is still in place and can be cranked up and down. Also, electric turn indicators were required by Swiss law, as well as the filing off of the wings on the radiator cap. The gazelle is removable.

The car has always been stored in dry conditions. It is very original in all details including upholstery, is rust and rot-free and wears the original color scheme. It comes without chrome plating where there was none, or whitewalls, which were not used at the time. Original trunk was lost in a fire and replaced by a similar size one. Paint and sliding roof were renewed in the 80s; mechanical components and brakes as well as engine were last completely overhauled 2007 to 2011. Exhaust not original. The car runs well.

In summer, our Imperial is regularly driven on Swiss streets. For modern roadworthiness, double rearview mirrors in the front door hinges, and taillights for brakes and blinkers have been installed. All these can be removed without trace if desired. Mileage: 112,000 km (ca. 68,000 miles).

1931ChryslerImperial_02_1100 1931ChryslerImperial_03_1100 1931ChryslerImperial_04_1100 1931ChryslerImperial_05_1100 1931ChryslerImperial_06_1100

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