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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – GM’s XP-500, Ford’s Rouge, Tony Arzenta

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At about the same time GM was experimenting with turbines in its Firebird series, it also took a look at the free-piston engine and developed a working example for its XP-500 concept car. Mac’s Motor City Garage dug up this video on the XP-500 that doesn’t really explain the free-piston engine, but at least gives us a good look at the concept.

* Set aside a half hour for this tour of Ford’s Rouge complex, which shows quite a bit of the process of turning raw iron ore into an automobile.

* As long as we keep discovering awesome Italian car chase scenes, we’re going to continue posting them. So let’s all watch the Fiat versus Citroen scene in the 1973 Italian flick “Tony Arzenta” (also known as “Big Guns” and “No Way Out“).