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Four-Links – big Bug, Jeep story, roadtrip centennial, street race task force

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The photo above, which came from the Culture Ride Tumblog, might look a little strange, but it’s not the result of any sort of forced perspective or other camera tricks. Instead, the Beetle on the right, built by Richard Tupper and Son, is actually 40 percent larger than a production Beetle with every detail scaled up appropriately. A Hemi powers the big Bug.


* This week WNYC dug up an old radio program from the NYC Municipal Archives which tells the story of a World War II Jeep and the soldier assigned to it from the Jeep’s point of view.


* The grandson of one of two young men who made a transcontinental roadtrip in 1916 in a Maxwell plans to recreate the trip in another Maxwell of the era.


* In response to a spate of deaths and serious injuries resulting from street races in the Los Angeles area, officials in the area are starting to assemble a task force to crack down on street racing. The L.A. Times took a look at the situation and how street racing is evolving in Southern California, though the story fails to mention how the losses of racing venues in the area has contributed to the uptick in street racing.


* Finally, MotorPunk pulled together a few lesser-known facts and tales about the classic Mini.