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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – tsunami Corolla restored, ’round-the-world Model T, Roma Violenta

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Out of the recent spate of stories about the five-year anniversary of the tsunami that hit Japan came this rather special one, highlighted by Japanese Nostalgic Car, about a one-owner unrestored 1971 Toyota Corolla 1400SR that the tsnuami damaged. Thanks to fellow old-car owners, the Corolla has since been restored for its original owner and is now back on the road.

* Dirk and Trudy Regter of the Netherlands decided to take a trip but couldn’t decide where, so they decided to see the entire world from behind the wheel of their 1915 Ford Model T. Ford of Europe’s video profiles the couple and the sights they’ve seen so far.

* Finally, no automatic Bronson reblog this week, but we did come across a car chase scene from a 1975 Italian flick, “Roma Violenta,” which may or may not have been influenced by “Citta Violenta.” Either way, it’s well done.