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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1970 Datsun 510

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There’s a little bit of work left to be done on this 1970 Datsun 510 for sale on, but that’s nothing compared to the restoration work the seller’s already completed, from floor and rocker replacement to a head rebuild – pretty much everything necessary to turn it into a solid, running, and straight car. From the seller’s description:

 I bought the car 6 months ago and did everything needed to be a turn-key car. It has the original L16 with the Hitachi carb rebuilt, the original 4-speed and differential. For a 1.6-liter, she rips pretty good and has good compression in all 4 cylinders. The only engine work that was needed is rebuild the head. I have extensive pics of before and after transformation of this classic and so much has been done. I had the car shipped from Saskatchewan to Toronto where Whitehead Performance inspected the car from front to back. Everything needed to be fixed or changed was done to pass the strict Ontario road safety inspection, including wipers, lights, suspension, brakes, etc. Once they were done with the mechanical requirements, all that was remaining to pass the safety was body work.

I then shipped it home to Windsor and on to a body shop. It was stripped, both rockers replaced, lower rear quarters replaced, all rust repaired, painted and clearcoated.

I completed the rest with at least 150 hours into it. The car is rust-free, runs great and has no issues at all. It’ll be hard to find another 510 this clean with all the work that’s been done. It’s reliable and I’d drive it anywhere. I ordered a brand-new Weber 32/36 conversion, but the car runs so good that I’m holding off on the swap. The Weber is included and still unopened in the box. It’s a very easy swap, about 1 hour of work, and I may install the carb to see if there is any improvement. The Hitachi also includes a carb rebuild kit. The rear bumper is included, but it needs straightening, and the exterior rocker aluminum trim is also included. I prefer to keep it clean. I included a pic of what the car looked like before the resto started.

To be completed over the next month: The rear seat is out for upholstery and should be completed in 3 weeks. Whitehead Performance to install electronic ignition for improved reliability and performance with a new 3 ohm coil, timing set and front end alignment. Also plan on detailing some more, mainly undercarriage, get rid of minor surface rust, apply black undercoating or have entire undercarriage and hard-to-get-at spots treated (dripless oil sprayed)

1970Datsun510_02_1000 1970Datsun510_03_1000 1970Datsun510_04_1000 1970Datsun510_05_1000

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