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Not worth keeping around to restore: the “murder AMX”

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[Editor’s Note: Eddie Stakes recently reached out to us with this story of an AMX that even he didn’t want in his yard for very long. He’s since sold it. We’re eight months away from Halloween, but a good ghost story is always worth telling.]

I don’t know how many of you believe in ghosts, or care, but sometimes there is a story worth telling. This ’73 AMX Pierre Cardin is known as “the murder AMX” as owner was killed in a garage, body dumped in the car and thrown in bayou. Three guys were convicted of the murder in Harris County, Texas. I owned it in late 1980s and bought from the widow. Has several big caliber bullet holes in it. When I got it home, I was freaked out by the car which smelled of blood. I sold it 1-1/2 hours after buying it, didn’t want it near me.


Fast forward to a few years ago and I bought the car back. No longer smells like blood, just rust, so I parted it out. One night after watching Ghost Adventures one of my boys said “Poppa, do you think the car is haunted?” I said don’t know, hopefully that poor bastard who was murdered has long since moved on. But I still took some digital photos at night of the car. And there are orbs with faces floating around the car. While one orb face looks angry, the others look peaceful as this old car is fixing to be hauled off. You be judge, here are a few photos of the car.


Angry looking face in orb near door…


…and in the last photo, a whole bunch of them appeared, and some look like smiley faces. Sweet dreams!


003 002 001

Fast forward to 2013, this is how I found it, and bought it again, stuck in a field west of Houston sadly. The roof gone, big holes in it from vinyl. Car stuck to ground took several days to free it up. Only 4,152 Pierre Cardin AMCs made by American Motors from 1972 to 1974, with majority of them Javelins, I estimate less than 300 AMXs produced with Pierre Cardin “W” code interior.

This car was an exceptionally optioned one: D7 Trans Am Red, 360 four-barrel, four-speed Hurst, power steering, power brakes, factory air, rally pack, Go Pack, cowl induction, Twin Grip 3:54, tinted glass to name a few, was a looker in 1980s when I bought it. Hindsight is if I was not so freaked out by the chlorine smell of death from body in trunk, I would have restored it, but instead I sold it 1-1/2 hours after buying it, the shortest time I have ever owned an AMC of 389 personally owned so far. As I write, after three years of trying to sell it for $3,000, it was parted out, and hauled off. But the strange circumstance around it still remain I guess. One morning earlier this year I saw a shadow move near it, and gasped. Not a coon, possum, or dog and both my dogs reacted to what I saw charging toward car. The shadow was about halfway up car and moved quickly. Darker than dark shadow. Hopefully the fellow who owned this car can find peace.