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Four-Links – hybrid ‘Bird, Batmobile copyright upheld, City of Salt Lake, slammed 600s

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There’s no mystery to cars, even modern hybrids: They’re just metal, glass, plastic, and electronics, and they can be taken apart and put together in all sorts of ways, as we see from one man’s effort to meld a wrecked Prius with a 1967 Pontiac Firebird that defied conventional restoration.


* This week’s Supreme Court decision to not hear a case concerning the Batmobile means that the famed car is subject to copyright, which means that any replicas have to be licensed through DC Comics.


* While the tale of Athol Graham – as told this week by the Jalopy Journal – is a tragic one in the end, it’s also one of optimism and of living a life to the fullest.


* MercedesHeritage this week asked the question: Busted factory airbag suspension or intentionally slammed?


* Finally, The Old Motor provides another glimpse and a little bit of history of Budweiser’s “Bevo boat” promotional cars.