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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1966 AMC Rambler Classic 770

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Even restorations age – that car you redo today won’t remain pristine forever – but when the car’s removed from daily driver status, it tends not to age quite as fast. This 1966 AMC Rambler Classic 770 four-door sedan for sale on, redone 20 years ago, has aged rather well, with only a little rust to really detract from the excellent mechanical condition of the car. From the seller’s description:

The paint and interior were redone approximately 20 years ago and have aged well, and a lot of mechanical refurbishment has taken place during my three year stewardship of the car. My growing family has left me with little time to drive it, and this car deserves to be driven regularly. The car is not made to win drag races, but the 287 V8 more than keeps up with modern traffic, and the air conditioning works! In fact, everything works. Every time I drive it, I am impressed by how well it drives for fifty year old car. In the last three years, the following improvements have been made to the car in an effort to make the car as easy to live with as possible without sacrificing too much of 60s era character:

Rebuilt the Borg Warner three speed automatic transmission.
Rebuilt the brakes on all four wheels.
Replaced all of the a/c components with modern ones, including a new Sanden style compressor.
Rebuilt engine cooling system to keep up with Florida summer driving with the newly working a/c system.
Replaced the two barrel factory carburetor/intake with a four barrel intake from an AMC 327 engine and a brand new Holley four barrel carb, the same model that AMC put on the 327.
Replaced the points with electronic ignition.
New tires on all four wheels.
New battery and cables.

And probably some other things I am forgetting at the moment. The previous owner upgraded the windshield wipers from vacuum power to electronic. I have never driven the car in the rain but I tested them and they work. The car is not perfect – I have tried to capture some paint bubbling near the rear wheel in the photographs, which has not progressed or worsened in the time I have owned the car. The paint overall looks better than most twenty year old paint jobs, but I would describe it as a five footer rather than perfect, show quality paint. Flaws do not really appear, for the most part, until you are washing the car and really focusing on it. Mechanically it is in good shape with no major issues.

1966AMCRamblerClassic_02_900 1966AMCRamblerClassic_03_900 1966AMCRamblerClassic_04_900 1966AMCRamblerClassic_05_900

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Jacksonville, Florida
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