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Four-Links – trophy Cord, Jappic repro, aluminum Batmobile, Jay-Eye-See

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We mentioned it briefly in the story about the Amelia Island Concours’s vintage trophy class, but the 1937 Cord that won the Stevens Challenge Trophy has already been hanging out with that piece of hardware at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, we recently found out through the National Automobile Museum.


* You might have seen photos of the Jappic Racing Cyclecar before, but guaranteed you haven’t seen the cyclecar itself because it burned in a fire 85 years ago. As we read on the Kneeslider this week, though, race car builder Adrian Ward is currently hard at work replicating the Jappic and hopes to have it finished later this year.


* The Detroit Autorama is more than just the Ridler winner, as DaveT at Stance Is Everything showed this week, with a selection of photos of hot rods and customs beyond the Great 8.


* David Greenlees at The Old Motor has of late been trying to unravel the history of the Jay-Eye-See, a monster of an early race car loosely associated with Case as well as Fiat.


* Finally, lest one believe that big-inch wheels are a recent phenomenon, archaeologists in Britain have unearthed a 40-inch wheel from about 3,000 years ago. Word is they’re now looking for evidence of the earliest airbag suspension system…