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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1963 Studebaker Avanti

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It’s a misnomer to call any automotive restoration easy – restorations, when they’re done right, require plenty of effort and resources, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise – but some restorations are easier than others. Take, for instance, this 1963 Studebaker Avanti for sale on, which doesn’t run and is indeed rough around the edges but is also essentially complete and doesn’t appear to need significant work to get back into shape. Bonus: Once the restoration is done, the result is probably the most desirable Avanti, a four-spoeed supercharged version. From the seller’s description:

stored since early 80’s; old paint; nice fiberglass body; no fiberglass isuues; currently not running; 99 percent complete; usable factory interior needing minor repairs; original “Roxbury” carpets (worn) headliner loose; nice original door, 1/4 panels; dash has some cracks; has all original blower components; original carb; blower box; alternator; original radio suppresion ignition shielding; original dress-up engine kit; correct air cleaner; engine free; has factory 4 speed manual trans; early add-on air conditioning with trunk mounted unit; (not avalible from factory) newer tires; nice original steering wheel; good glass; good stainless; original plating on bumpers; all the hard to find parts are nice on this one! Some minor rust repairs; “Hog troughs” and chassis mounts/ frame in good condition; factory radio; some removed parts come with vehicle; (fuel pump; radiator hose; fuel lines; etc)

1963StudebakerAvanti_02_1200 1963StudebakerAvanti_03_1200 1963StudebakerAvanti_04_1200 1963StudebakerAvanti_05_1200

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Scottsdale, Arizona
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