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Four-Links – newish Duesenberg, compact cop cars, Patterson-Greenfield, Tillamook track map

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That plan to create a 21st Century Duesenberg a few years back? It’s since morphed into an effort to replicate the Duesenberg Model J phaeton with the six-man top, led by movie car builder Eddie Paul. Gizmag has more on the project.


* That Renault Dauphine cop car we had in this space a week or two ago? Not that far out of the realm of possibility, as we see from Thomas Turner’s Flickr collection of compact cop cars, which includes the above Dauphine that Attica, Kansas, once used.


* The Historic Vehicle Association this week wrote about Patterson-Greenfield, perhaps history’s only example of an automobile company founded and run by a black man.


* Continuing his occasional series on vintage track maps, with their entertaining illustrations and lack of endless corporate sponsors, Harlo at The Chicane dug up one from the 1967 Tillamook Naval Air Station sports car races.


* Finally, most auto historians know of Curtiss-Wright for its purchase of Studebaker-Packard, but it was also involved – as was Chrysler – in a U.S. Army project designed to create flying cars. It never (pun intended) got off the ground.