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General Motors presented some very specific options in this 1967 ad

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Photo of GM ad by author.

Though the Oldsmobile ad/brochure that I blogged about a few weeks ago (Spooky 1969 Olds Literature: Dr. Oldsmobile Creates a W-Machine. Or Two.) featured an elaborate vintage horror movie mad scientist concept, this 1967 GM ad was seemingly more direct in its approach. It says to me, “If you want performance options in your muscle car, here’s what they look like.” A possible addendum to that statement, which may not have been intended is, “…as long as it’s a Pontiac.”

Though the SS 396, 4-4-2 and GS 400 are mentioned in the text, if you look closely at the parts that are supposed to represent selected GM options for 1967, most of them are for a Pontiac GTO, or an OHC-6 Sprint LeMans, Tempest Custom or Tempest.

Shown are a Rally II wheel with a redline tire; Rally I wheel; OHC-6 Sprint engine; console and Hurst shifter; the 400 H.O. engine; Ram Air pan and air cleaner; exhaust manifold; instrument panel; Custom Sport (simulated wood) steering wheel and hood tach. It’s difficult to see which division’s V-8 engine distributor is shown with the CD Ignition or determine which engine the cam is from, but the GTO hood ornament is pretty obvious.

Some items, like the disc brakes, automatic transmission, clutch, Quadrajet carburetor, fan clutch, CD ignition and rear end components were shared with GM’s other cars, but all of those were also available on the Pontiacs. The Corvette cast aluminum wheel and side-mounted exhaust, Chevrolet mag-type wheel cover and sections of the 4-4-2 chambered tailpipes comprise the few sister Division parts shown.

If you were a Pontiac fan, this ad delivered impact by showing you many specific parts you could order to make yours quicker. However, if you were a Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Opel Kadett or Chevrolet fan (they are mentioned at the bottom of the ad), there’s little to no eye candy for you.

Nevertheless, the parts are fun to look at and so are some of the details. For instance, the tach is lit by some unknown electrical source…and it looks great! What else can you spot? Any thoughts regarding that console and shifter?

It’s also important to note that by 1967, GM was cracking down on the tire-smoking performance advertising produced by its divisions and had started pushing safety. This GM ad may represent a middle-of-the-road approach. It’s supposed to be simply about GM’s available options, but it discusses the mid-size muscle car offerings from each division and depicts performance options and a few style items. Since nothing is moving at a high rate of speed, or smoking, perhaps the General thought it could get its performance point across to those buyers in-the-know by showing these high performance parts without inciting the wrath of safety watchdog groups.

The main question is does it work? Does this 1967 Pontiac…uh…GM advertisement make you want to grab an order form and start checking boxes? If only we could.