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Mystery midengine: the Fiero-shaped clay nobody seems to know about

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Photos courtesy Leon Dixon.

As many of you who’ve hung around these parts for some time may know, frequent commenter and occasional contributor Leon Dixon is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable guys out there on Creative Industries, the shop that handled plenty of concept car and prototype builds that the Detroit carmakers either wanted to keep secret or couldn’t be bothered to build themselves.

Lately, Leon’s been turning that expertise into a book on Creative Industries, one which is scheduled to be released this summer. But he’s still got some work ahead of him, including the identification of this mid-engine concept car which he came across while digging into the company. As Leon wrote:

I know who supervised this project, but unfortunately that fellow has long since passed. So I am wondering if any of your readers might recognize this car.  What you see here is a dy-noced clay utilizing some production parts. The windshield and A-pillar with side window were from Buick Reatta and Cadillac Allante. Except there are also some pieces with familial resemblance to Fiero. And quite obviously this was a mid-engine car. So I am wondering if there is anyone left alive out there who may recognize this mockup?


Pontiac did indeed look into building the Fiero beyond 1988, and a prototype of the 1990 Fiero does still exist in GM’s Heritage Center, though it only has a squint-and-you’ll-see-it resemblance to this design. Perhaps this was a styling exercise that lost out to that prototype? Or could it be something else?

While we’re at it, Leon’s also looking for photos of a number of people and cars important to the story of Creative:

• Dave Margolis
• Gary Hutchings
• Mary Jusco
• Walter Taylor
• Charlie Green
• Charlie Shell
• Hugh Olsen
• Tom Elston
• Bob Van Drieson
• Ron Pachella
• J. Daniel Hess
• Richard Leasia
• Jim Vaughn
• Cyril Obrich
• Any photos of Richard Teague at Creative
• Any Creative staff in the 1950s-1980s
• The last Creative Building in Auburn Hills
• ANY clay models or fiberglass models–any size.
• Assembly photos of 1960 stainless steel Thunderbirds
• The Dodge Daytona assembly building on 10 Mile Road (anything related)
• In-progress photos of cars being assembled, designed, etc
• Superior Coach artwork or vehicles
• Creative’s factory near Atlanta, Georgia and any work done there
• Mustang Mach III concept car
• Plymouth XP-VIP concept car
• Plymouth Turtle
• Ford Mystere
• Lincoln Cosmo bubbletop Limo for presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy
• Interior photos of Creative’s Outer Drive building, especially the lobby
• De Lorean work done at Creative or good images of engineer Bill Collins
• Any other cars or projects you know of
• Photos of anything and anyone from the last days of Creative before it was completely absorbed by what is now MSX.

If you can help him out, let us know in the comments and we’ll put you in touch with him. In the meantime, we’ll be looking forward to the book.