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Four-Links – The Pit Stop, two-headed Audi, Florida Flywheelers, diesel hot rod

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Most of the yearbook carspotting photos posted to Annualmobiles come from dealerships, but here we see The Pit Stop, a speed shop in Pasadena, Texas, with all sorts of goodies to offer.


* What is a two-headed Audi doing in Nebraska? Who knows. But, as reported on Ran When Parked, one Cornhusker intends to bring it back to life. He’s just gotta figure out which end goes forward first.


* In Florida, a group of gearheads gets together every now and then to gawk over unusual tractors, antique engines, and other mechanical oddities. Gizmag has more on the Florida Flywheelers, their 240-acre private park, and the off-the-wall stuff that shows up there.


* Engine Swap Depot this week had an update on Arjan Kolkman’s giant twin-turbocharged 16-cylinder Detroit Diesel hot rod. Beefy.


* Finally, MotorCities took a look at Briggs Manufacturing, one of the biggest and more important suppliers to Detroit’s automakers for decades.