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Hemmings Sunday Cinema – El Mirage 1946, Oz road trip time-lapse, Beverly Hills Cop 2

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Brief glimpse of racing at El Mirage in 1946 that Mac’s Motor City Garage posted this week, but it includes some rather noteworthy cars in the hot rodding pantheon. See how many you can name.

* For those of us who would love to see Australia, but dread the 24 hours in a plane necessary to get down there, this road trip time lapse from 1971 will have to suffice. An HD version is up as well, but the music in the latter sounds like it was ripped from one of those arcade driving games from the early Nineties.

* Finally, if a semi worked for a car chase in the first Beverly Hills Cop, why not repeat it for BHC2, this time with a cement truck?