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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1960 Plymouth Fury

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Chances are, if it’s an assembly line car, it was built to a certain price point, which of course means compromises. One side-benefit of restoring a car, however, is the ability to un-compromise. Take, for instance, this Golden Commando-equipped 1960 Plymouth Fury convertible for sale on, which, while undergoing a concours restoration, was treated to stainless steel parts throughout and likely many more cost-be-damned longetivity-minded upgrades and tweaks. From the seller’s description:

Complete restoration finished in 2012 to showroom condition using original or NOS parts along with stainless steel brake lines, fuel line and exhaust. First in class at 2013 Hilton Head Concours. Invited to 2014 St. Johns, Pinehurst and St. Michaels Concours. Unusual combination of 361-cubic-inch engine with a four-barrel carburetor coupled to heavy-duty manual three-speed transmission. The car starts and runs very reliably. Driven in the tours at Hilton Head, Pinehurst and St. Michaels Concours. One of four cars used for publicity photos for the 2014 and 2015 Pinehurst Concours. The complete ownership history is known. Authenticity of the car as a Golden Commando is documented by the Chrysler History Museum.

1960PlymouthFury_02_800 1960PlymouthFury_03_800 1960PlymouthFury_04_800 1960PlymouthFury_05_800

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Durham, North Carolina
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