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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1956 SILA Bimboracer V-12

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The last time we saw one of these crop up was about four years ago, and this 1956 SILA Bimboracer V-12 for sale on has come along at an opportune time for anybody not sure what to put under the tree for their budding classic car aficionado. Particularly a little one who’s already been instructed in the appreciation and care of original, unrestored cars, ones with some patina for distinguishment and je ne sais quoi. From the seller’s description:

The fiberglass body is 66” long and supported by a strong steel chassis. The support is needed, as even without a battery the car weighs almost 100 lbs. It is 27” wide and 26” tall. The car has a range of about 3.5 hours at a maximum speed of 5-7 mph. The battery, placed behind the seats, provides 120 watts of power and can be recharged in about 10 hours. On the dashboard, there is a light switch that controls both the front and rear lights. The horn is placed at the center of an impressive and beautiful steering wheel. In the middle of the floorboard, there is a gearshift lever that can be set for three positions: forward, reverse or neutral. In addition, there is always a second lever that acts as a handbrake. The comfortable seat easily provides enough room for two children. In its operation, the driver always has the control and choice of two pedals, the accelerator on the right and brake on the left.

This hard-to-find example is very original and complete running condition, finished in Ferrari red over cream interior and has it original windscreen and floor mats. The car has had longtime ownership for the past 20+ years

1956SILABimboRacer_02_1200 1956SILABimboRacer_03_1200 1956SILABimboRacer_04_1200 1956SILABimboRacer_05_1200

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mercer island, Washington
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