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Motorsport Classic calendar is a plus-size look at vintage competition

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Cover: Patrick Depailler’s Tyrell P34 at the 1976 Dutch Grand Prix. Photos courtesy of McKlein Publishing.

Do you have a passion for racing in the 1950s through the 1970s? An interest in Formula One, sports cars, touring cars and rally cars? Do you subscribe to the theory that when it comes to art, bigger is better? If so, the 26-inch by 19-inch, 26-page Motorsport Classic calendar from McKlein Publishing is worthy of your consideration.

The Motorsport Classic calendar has been produced by McKlein Motorsport Publishing since 2001, making the 2016 edition its 16th publishing. Each is produced in a limited quantity, though the company has increased the printing run from 1,500 copies in the early years to 2,000 copies today. Photos come from McKlein’s own archive, which includes the works of motorsport photographers like Alois Rottensteiner, Lars Olaf Magnil, Hans Georg Isenberg, Hugh Bishop, and Robert Kroeschel.

BMW 700 RS

March: Hans Stuck, father of Hans-Joachim Stuck, drives a BMW 700 RS on its debut outing at Rossfeld in 1961. Two such 70-horsepower models were built by BMW exclusively for hill climb competition.

Each month presents two alternative black and white photos, printed on heavyweight stock and representing an event 40, 45, 50, 55 or 60 years in the past. There’s no particular bias towards any one series, and the diversity of images contained is impressive.

Le Mans 1956

June: Tony Brooks drives the Aston Martin DBR1 shared with Reg Parnell at Le Mans in 1956. A broken axle ended the car’s race after 246 laps. 

Want to see F1 World Champion perched atop the engine bay of a Ford Lotus Cortina at the 1966 RAC Rally? How about Niki Lauda pumping fuel during a 1976 test of the Ferrari 312T, or Stig Blomqvist wheeling his Saab 96 V through the snow in the 1971 RAC Rally? Remember when Niki Lauda pulled his Ferrari 312T into the pits in protest at the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix, conceding the F1 Championship to James Hunt? There’s a shot of that, too.

Lancia D50

October: Luigi Musso examines the broken steering of his Lancia D50 at the 1956 Italian Grand Prix. With three laps remaining, Musso had worked his way into the lead when his steering failed; though he lost the race (to winner Stirling Moss, driving a Maserati 250F) he was fortunate to escape without injury.

Quality and exclusivity come at a price, and the Motorsport Classic calendar sells for $83, including shipping to addresses in the lower 48 United States. For fans of the Word Rally Championship, McKlein also produces “The Wider View,” a 36-inch wide calendar of shots from contemporary WRC competition, along with a Desktop Rally Calendar that includes both vintage and present-day shots, in a more manageable size and price.

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