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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1964 Riley Elf

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The classic Mini is one of the world’s most practical collector cars: In addition to being a ball to drive, it’s affordable, easy on gas, simple to repair, well supported by clubs and the aftermarket, and small enough to fit into any garage. But what if you want someting with the practicality of a Mini, but just a little bit more … individuality?

Meet the Riley Elf.

At the British Motor Corporation, the organization stitched together by the merger of many former rivals, consolidation was the name of the game. Chairman Leonard Lord called for three new lines of family cars – small, medium and large – that could be marketed under all of BMC’s established brands. The first of those to reach the market was Alec Issigonis’s small car, launched in 1959 as the Morris Mini Minor and Austin Se7en.

When the Mini took off, all of BMC’s various marques clamored for a Mini of their own. And so, the Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet were launched in the fall of 1961. They were both upmarket versions of the Mini, with finned rear fenders, squared-off trunks, upright grilles and wood dashboards.

Mechanically, the original Elf had the same 848cc A series four as the Mini, but when the Mark II version of the Elf arrived in 1963, it had a single-carburetor version of the Mini-Cooper’s 998cc four.

This 1964 Riley Elf for sale on appears to be a Mark II version, despite the seller’s description, considering its year of manufacture and lack of roll-up windows (and the badge on the bootlid). It’s one of 30,912 Elves (Elfs?) made between 1961 and 1969, when the great old name of Riley was laid to rest.

From the seller’s description:

1964 Riley Elf MK III 2 Dr. Sedan, in splendid condition. Complete quality restoration 2005 (Calif.). Upscale version of a Mini. All service records. 46,370 miles. $13,000.

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sewickley, Pennsylvania
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