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Four-Links – Burning Man cars, Calsonic Blue, RWD Swift, Huey Long

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The mutant vehicles of Burning Man are always good for stretching the definition — if not the concept — of automobiles. Alexandrailer shot a bunch this year.

* Japanese Nostalgic Car has the full story on the Calsonic Blue paint scheme, most recognizable from Nineties-era JTCC racing.

* Some dude in Sweden converted his Suzuki Swift to rear-wheel drive and, rather than throw some other brand’s four-cylinder (or bigger) engine under the hood, he ran a built Suzuki G13B. And then added a Caterpillar-themed paint scheme.

* Which came first, the roads or the cars? In Louisiana, it was the latter, and it took Huey Long to provide a full network to the state, according to John Heitmann’s The Automobile and American Life.

* Goodwood Revival is this weekend, and they’ve come through with a livestream of the event again.